Patchnotes and recent Updates
3... 2... 1... GO! - Race Mode in Build #4219
The Race Mode is here and challenging you and your friends for some awesome Jump and Rump action!
  • A new Game Mode: the Multiplayer Race! Challenge your friends for a timeattack race - including weapons and traps! Pass the checkpoints, collect the crates, shoot the others. And to keep things challenging: the worse your rank, the higher your running speed - this way the leading player always has pressure right behind him.
  • New Multiplayer Maps: alongside the Race Mode we're delivering a bunch of new maps with different features and mechanics! Driving cars, disappearing floors, spawning walls - lots of things to keep you busy.
  • Reworked the SkyFight Deathmatch Map to give more options on slaughtering your opponents - or probably yourself, as it now features a second level and lots of traps.
  • A new weapon: the Orbital Laser! In case you're the last during a race you have the chance to pick up the new Orbital Laser, which will exclusively aim for the first player and stun him heavily. Your chance to catch up!
  • A new weapon: the Land Mine! Throw it or drop it where ever you like - whoever touches it will regret this quickly. Preferably placed at choke points, since you do want to hit your competitors, right?
  • Added a Ghost Replay / Shadow Time to Singleplayer! Have the ghost of yours run your best time right in front of you - this way you can spot even the last bits of improvement potential! Can be enabled/disabled in the ESC menu.
  • Added a Chat to the Multiplayer Lobby - feel free to taunt your opponents before wrecking them.
  • Added a Winner Screen after a Multiplayer Game - awesome to show off your Skins, Hats and Capes!
  • Improved the Level Select Menu with a better zoom, mouse control and a couple bug fixes.
  • Improved Network Performance for pretty much every action, from movement to generic data transfer.
  • Improved the CashGun with slightly larger projectiles and a 50% damage boost.
  • Added a high ping warning to the multiplayer lobby if a player joins with a bad connection.
  • Added a warning to the multiplayer lobby if the host is trying to start the game but not everyone is ready yet.
  • Added detailed messages to lobby disconnect events, so it's more clear if you lost connection or even got kicked.
  • Added a couple new achievements for the new Race Mode.
  • Fixed a good bunch of bugs.
Hint: with the grappling hook you should hold your left mouse button to get an aiming bubble and you should try to get a clear line of sight to have the best results. People will hate you for being good with that hook, as it destroys large advantages easily - if done right. ;)

Hint 2: right click dropping land mines right on the spot of weapon spawners makes you an even bigger a**hole to your opponents. :D

But now - enjoy the game!
Build #3526 - March 11th, 2016
Wooo! Steam Friends Highscores! New Skins and Hats! Plus preparations for the upcoming Racemode and Teamfights!
  • Added Steam Friends Highscores to the EndScreen. Now you can check how much more awesome you are. Or your friends. Gotta beat them.
  • Updated the "Host Game" menu for the upcoming Racemode and Teamfight options. Racemode will be first, just to get your pants wet already.
  • Fixed issues with respawning and spectator-behaviour in multiplayer gamemodes (some potential observer-states might have sneaked in there... d'oh).
  • Improved the Pressure Plate for Time Attack Doors to better indicate it being a timeattack trigger.
  • New Skins:
    • "Spuderman" -> "Here are your Options: 1. Fuck you, I'm Spuderman."
    • "Captn Rumpmurica" -> "Have some Freedom from my Rockets! And have some Democracy from my Bombs, too!"
  • New Hats:
    • "Headache-Device" (Axe)
    • "Solid Snake Cloaking Device" (Carton)
    • "Cloudy Thoughts" (Cloud)
    • "This seems fishy" (Fishbones)
    • "Unicone" (Icecone)
    • "FlowerPower blue" (blue Flower)
    • "FlowerPower orange" (orange Flower)
    • "FlowerPower red" (red Flower)
    • "Sharpening my thoughts" (Knife)
    • "Out of the Dark - Into the Light" (Streetlamp)
    • "Wanna play a game?" (Saw)
    • "Brain Construction Site" (Traffic Cone)
Hope you guys enjoy this over the weekend. =)
Build #3457 - March 05th, 2016
Thanks for your feedback folks! It's really valuable to us and we're considering every bit. We've added a lot of it to our 2do-lists - and here we've got the first batch of changes, which are mostly based on your feedback. Despite our upcoming "gamechanger"-patch, of course. ;)
  • Big preparations for the next update! This required touching pretty much every map, so please bear with us and the huge patch size.
  • Keycard-Doors are now triggering earlier (also from the side), feedback welcome!
  • Fixed collision of some rocks in "Riverrun".
  • Fixed a typo in loadingscreen tips.
  • Fixed some achievement typos.
  • Fixed a visual bug where pressing tab was showing a weird white border.
  • Improved the LevelSelectBoard, should scale better with resolutions now and plus some layout adjustions.
  • Fixed spiketraps not going crazy anymore, feedback welcome!
  • Added collision borders to many levels.
  • Added a timer to timeattack doors (eg. cow hell 2).
  • Added loadingscreens to the shop.
  • Collecting hay tooltip improved.
  • Triggerboxes for Fusegenerators are now bigger.
  • New loadingscreen at the start of the game (no black screen anymore).
  • Improved forcefield collision, should be the same for everyone now.
  • Deleted an unnecessary blocking volume in tutorial 3.
  • Dread Core: boss mechanic tweaks - shield generator has a little less health and can be hit by lasers (charged and single shots are doing the same damage here, don't even try!), singleshot lasers are doing more damage to the core, platforms are not falling down anymore in phase 2 so you're able to get back up again if fallen down, improved the destroy animation a little.
Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the game!
--- older milestones ---
Stripped a lot of old patch notes from here on.
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Build #3307 - Feb 26th, 2016
  • Early Access Release - It's here! Hooray for RUMP! on Steam!
Build #2955 - Feb 05th, 2016
  • Closed Beta closed with lots of published updates. Now preparing for Early Access.
Build #2261 - Nov 02th, 2015
  • Closed Beta release on Steam - including the Multiplayer mechanics, first MP-maps and lots of other changes.
Build #1017 - May 20th, 2015
  • An all new booster, which gave players a much smoother camera play style and us way more options for more precise map design.
Build #791 - May 20th, 2015
  • First additional character and skin added to the game (UdderRump).
Build #356 - March 26th, 2015
  • Initial Release of the Alpha Demo Version.