Artworks and Concept Drawings
Designing the game actually involves quite a lot of drawing - so here you get to see some of the artworks we'll be printing in our hardcover artbook later!

Starting with early impressions of "Forrest Rump", our main character:

Of course he ain't alone! His best buddy, UdderRump, is also fighting for highscores in Rumptown.

And then there's "The Dark Rump", protecting all the people and animals in Rumptown. Day and Night.

Yarr! Bring me some Coin! Or y'all be eatin' me rockets and hooks!

Fashion is a must! A lot of capes are about to come, plus many many other things to individualize your character. And don't you think that Rumptowners don't drive - they do, by some kind of mind control!

Buildings and Scenery want some LOVEā„¢, too. So we gave it to them.

These are some of our billboard ads, which are placed in pretty much every level.